SAP HANA Bootcamp

SAP HANA Bootcamp

SAP HANA Bootcamp

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Are you new to and want to learn about SAP HANA? In the world of SAP HANA, you want to learn fast, of course. Come join our experiential based learning process to get you up and running with HANA skillset right away.

The SAP HANA Bootcamp
What should you know if you want to articulate end-to-end implementation scenarios in HANA? What questions should a real SAP HANA Developer answer? How to quickly get a feel for HANA along with hands-on walkthrough of all pertinent aspects of HANA....This is what you will get out of our bootcamp’s program:

SAP HANA platform overview
How can you develop applications for this?
What are analytical views and what can you do with them?
What are calculation views and what can you do with them? For example code pushdown?

Here is a chance to learn from field experts and get your HANA skills honed in...



Introduction to SAP HANA

SAP HANA In-Memory Strategy

HANA Compared to BWA

HANA Studio - Administration views, Navigator View, System View

Information Modeler

Architecture Overview

Row Store , Column Store

Loading data into HANA

Data Modeling


Persistent Layer

Data Provisioning

Data services


Purpose of information Modeler.

Levels of modeling in SAP HANA.

Attribute Views

Calculation Views

Export & Import

HANA Reporting

User Management

Creation of Users

Creation of Roles

Creation of Role Hierarchy

Assignment of users to roles , Authentications , IMCE Authorizations

SAP HANA Engine Overview

Choosing views for the information Model.

Connecting Tables

How to connect tables Using:

Joins - Inner Join,Left Outer Join, Right Outer Join, Full Outer Join, Text Outer Join, Referential Join


Advanced Modeling

Creating Attribute Views.

Using Hierarchies.

Creating Restricted & calculated Measures.

Using Filter Operations

Using Variables

SAP HANA SQL – Introduction.

SQL Script and Procedures

Using Currency Conversion.

Processing Information Models

Validating Models

Comparing Versions of Information Objects

Checking Model References

Generating : Auto Documentation.

Managing Modeling Concepts


Import & Export

Copying Objects

Security and Authorizations

User Management & Security

Types of Privileges

Template Roles