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S/4 HANA Finance Course Content•       Overview of SAP S/4 HANA Finance - Introduction to S/4 HANA Finance, architecture of S/4 HANA, SAP Fiori•       General Ledger Accounting•       Customizing S/4 HANA Finance - Configuring general ledger accounting, configuring new asset accounting, and account-based controlling

•       Management accounting

•       Organizational structure

•       Integrating business processes

•       Migrating to S/4 HANA Finance


S/4 HANA Finance Labs•       Analyzing Universal Journal Entry table: ACDOCA•       How to Extend General Ledger Coding Block•       Display Financial Tables in Simple Finance

•       Post G/L Document in Fiori.

•       Display Financial Statements Versions in Fiori

•       Create and Configure Cost Elements (Primary & Secondary)

•       How to Create Secondary Cost Element

•       How to create an Asset Accounts as a Statistical Cost Element

•       Create Default Account Assignment

•       Mange Posting Periods for Company codes /Ledgers

•       Post-Secondary Cost to Financial Accounting

•       Create an Extension Ledger and post a document to it.

•       Configure Document Splitting Settings

•       Create and configure Assets

•       Post a Partial Scrapping to an Asset

•       Execution Depreciation posting run and Analyzing the Log

•       Post and Analyze Cost of Goods Sold

•       Process Purchase to Invoice (Material Ledger update)

•       How to check the configuration for Splitting Price Differences

•       Post Price Differences: Variance Categories of Production Order


S4/HANA Certification Guidance

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